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I am a novelty to many (and I'm fine with that).
I have a very silly sense of humor usually riddled with malapropisms (and I'm fine with that, too).
I ask too many questions of Life and I expect all the answers.
I trust people too easily when I shouldn't; however, I respect everyone regardless…unless they do something to make me think twice.
I don't cheat. I am tactful yet will give the truth up front (and never mean to hurt anyone's feelings with it).
I like to help the people who have helped me, and even those who have not.
I never forget... but sometimes I misplace things.
I never lose hope.
I am awesomely blessed for the people who have come into my life, and I am blessed for the people who have left because I realize I didn't need them anyway.
I honestly feel that laughter is the best medicine you can have.
I believe in being strong when everything else seems to be going wrong.
I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles. In other words, I'm human, and definitely not perfect.
But tomorrow is another day, and there's so much cheese to be had...
(thank you to Ranae S. for this bit of inspiration!)

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy October! *** Skull Cake, anyone?

Isn't it pretty?

We're all grins during the month of October!

The Hubby and me bought a cool Wilton skull cake pan from Jo-Ann's fabrics last weekend (on sale $26! a much better deal than Michael's which was charging $39) and got to baking last night, as a sort of 'practice run' for this month's festivities. (And you can bet there will be plenty of festivities!)

The pan came with a booklet with some recipes. We tried the pumpkin spice pound cake one, which is pictured above. It came out perfectly! Last year we canned our own pumpkin with one of the fairy tale pumpkins we had, so it was not only fun but a sense of real pride that we used some of that. Yep, us homesteaders are mighty self reliant when it comes to bakin' a cake, hoo-weeeeee!!!

Can't wait to slather on some cream cheese frosting! Plus, I have one of those giant syringe things that I can use to inject some sort of filling (cherry? raspberry jam? pistachio pudding?) for an added surprise when it's finally cut open.

Did I wish everyone a Happy October yet??? 

An all-time favorite from Charles Schulz - "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"


By Way of Salem said...

Yummy! Cake, skulls and The Great Pumpkin! The cake turned out fab too. Really life-life. WIth that cream cheese frosting, I bet it looked even more delectable. Good job!

Mr Black said...

Beautiful! Just like my two creepy friends. Love you both!